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June 18th, 2014
What larks! My laptop computer (not the studio one, thankfully) decided to bid the world adieu last Sunday.  It didn't even leave a note.  Tried putting the drive in a caddy to recover all the vital info thereon, but no - it's well and truly croaked.  So here I am, with a reconditioned machine (I couldn't find any new ones with Windows 7) putting back dribs and drabs of info I'd fortunately saved to USB sticks...  

April 28th, 2014
n'monix logo
Today's the big day! N'monix has gone out into the wide world... I hope it's wearing clean underpants.

April 23rd, 2014
Just five more days until N'monix is released... so here's that final teaser - a video for the track 'Shadowland', featuring Steve's beautiful and emotive guitar work.
 watch the video...  

April 21st, 2014
Back from an Easter break - to Copenhagen!  I'd never been there before, and was really taken by the place.  The Danes certainly live up to their reputation of being the happiest nation in Europe - everywhere we went we were greeted with smiling, friendly, happy people.  Needless to say we took a train ride over the famous ěresund Bridge to Malmo, as you do... A highlight of the trip was a Friday night visit to the famous Tivoli Gardens.  Friday night is rock night at Tivoli, and the featured band that night was Carpark North, hugely famous in Denmark but largely unkown elsewhere. I'd describe them as a mix of rock, alternative and electro with just a touch of prog thrown in. Very memorable tunes, some surprisingly proggy chord changes and a very charismatic frontman.  

Having now twice watched the Copenhagen episode from Michael Portillo's Great Continental Rail Journeys TV series, in which he visits Tivoli and rides the old wooden rollercoaster (built in 1914), I had to follow suit - and great fun it was too.   

April 14, 2014
Two more behind-the-scenes video blogs went online this weekend...
The first is more of a homespun rockumentary - a Grand Day Out to the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels, in search of one of the earliest electronic keyboard instruments - the Ondes Martenot.  
 watch the video...  
The second video shows Kate Faber at work in the studio, recording her angelic soprano vocal for 'Memory', the second track on N'monix.   watch the video...  
There's one more music video to come before the album's release on the 28th, so stay tuned...

March 31, 2014
When Rob Townsend was over to do his soprano sax session, we couldn't resist videoing the occasion.  Full marks to Rob for blasting away without reservations, despite having cameras in his face!  Lesser men (me) would crumble...
The video is online

February 28, 2014
n'monix logo
Two pieces of good news...!

The video for 'Eminent Victorians' is now online at!


N'monix is now available for pre-order (for April 28th release)
or more details  
 click here...

February 6, 2014
n'monix logo
I'm happy to confirm that the release date for n'monix is set for April 28th 2014. At my current rate of tea and coffee consumption, I make that around 405 cups of tea and 81 lattes away. That's a lot of caffeine sloshing about... Alternatively, it's 12 episodes of The Walking Dead, probably 6 full-on shopping trips to Sainsbury's or Tesco's, and 4 haircuts. I haven't worked out the number of toilet rolls yet...

Good news too is that the Northlands album project by Tony Patterson and Brendan Eyre is nearing completion.  Amongst the featured guests are Steve and John Hackett, Doug and Carrie Melbourne, Nigel Appleton, Tim Esau, and some old keyboard player not a million miles from here. The album's website has just gone live - check it out at







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