January 23rd 2010

This week was cause for celebration...  Break out the sausage rolls - the music tracks for the whole album are now written and recorded! All that remains now is to lay down the vocals on the last three tracks, and Pete Hicks is back again today to record the second of his oeuvres. This one is 'Crimewave Monkeys',  

You thought we'd made the sausage rolls up, didn't you? Here is proof they really exist - fresh from the oven of the lovely Lois  Hicks!

a visceral, up-tempo romp that once again sees Pete flexing his high-octane vocal talents. This particular track was one that went through a number of incarnations before it arrived in its final form, but I always had Pete's voice in my head while I was writing, and I knew I could throw in those higher notes that Pete is always so good at!  When he heard it was called Crimewave Monkeys, he wanted to turn up with a sawn-off shotgun and a Davey Jones wig. I had to explain it was 'Monkeys', not The Monkees...


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