November 17th 2009

The music videos are well under way now.  The last one to be shot was 'Doctor Prometheus', featuring Pete Hicks as his alter-ego, the fire god Prometheus.  Well, he's always had ideas above his station...  A little blue-screen magic soon had Pete riding into the sunset on his very own cloud. Don't ask where the sun was shining from!
 pete before & after

It was a shame we had to set fire to his hand, but then a true artist must suffer for their art - or in this case, my art!  Fortunately, Pete's wife Lois successfully managed to distract Kevin from Health and Safety with her ever-ready sausage rolls.

There will be two more videos.  The title track 'Children of Another God', features vocalist Tony Patterson in an even more hair-raising situation.  The second, 'Identity Theft', sees me wondering who I am and what I'm doing (not for the first time).  

Many thanks to Lois for her blue-screen photos.

Pete holds the world to ransom

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