September 15th 2009

A freak rainstorm beats down outside (6 inches in as many hours, allegedly) whilst I set up the studio in readiness for the arrival of the Pete and Lois Hicks. Pete's about to do his vocals for the album's second track, 'Doctor Prometheus'.  Aside from the vocal performance, there are three vital ingredients to any Hicks vocal session - Yorkshire tea (crucial to any occasion), Thai Satay-Style Pot Noodles and Lois's legendary vegan sausage rolls. Their car arrives, the kettle goes on and straight away we catch up on the latest goss.  The Pot Noodles and sausage rolls must wait, however - because now it's showtime.

Pete begins by laying down the vocals for the first two verses, and is in fine form.  Around 1.00 PM, Dick Foster arrives - we review what's done so far, and have a final discussion with him about the lyrics. We decide some improvements can be made by changing a word or two (always best done before it's too late!) and press on.  Dick makes sure the video camera is fully charged, and discreetly captures some of the session to include in a video blog.

Meanwhile, a mini Niagra falls is gushing outside the studio window, in stark contrast to the cheery atmosphere inside.  A short break for a late lunch - the tupperware is popped open and out come those sausage rolls and salad goodies.  Then it's back to work.  All goes well - a touch of double-tracking in the choruses, some harmonies and we're done.  Everyone is very pleased with the result, so there's only one thing left to do - celebrate with a Pot Noodle.  Go on, you know you want to...

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