August 1st and 11th 2009

It's Saturday August 1st, and at this point, a large part of the album has already been completed.  So we pick up the story as it's time to make a major decision - should I attempt to do all the vocals for the fourth track 'Identity Theft'?  It's a no-brainer for most people - they seem to be quite happy to put themselves forward as singers. Backing vocals are one thing (you get to hide behind everything else) however, I've never done the lead before...  

After a few nervous attempts that were swiftly deleted, I realised it was time to pull the old socks up.  To quote Gok Wan, "it's all about the confidence..." So, safety net disengaged and fuelled by tea, I threw caution to the winds in my own special way.

But there was still something missing... the track really needed a cool upright bass. Something louche and plummy was definitely required.  I immediately thought of my old friend Glenn Tollett, who was also my predecessor in The Enid.  He's a bit of a dab hand in the lower registers (and a pretty phenomenal pianist as well), so I gave him a call.  He foolishly agreed to lend his talents - so on Tuesday August 11th, Dick & I travel down to Glenn's own studio in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. There is an air of tense anticipation as we arrive - Glenn's oldest son Alex is taking his driving test today! We leave him to thumb nervously through the Highway Code and get swiftly down to work. The room acoustics are perfectly suited to the upright bass, and the finished results have really brought the track alive.  So at the end of a successful day, what better way is there to celebrate than with a slap-up feed at the local Thai restaurant?  Huge thanks to Glenn not only for his contribution, but also for letting us use his studio for the day - and thanks too to Barbara for not flinching as we commandeered their newly redecorated house in order to shoot scenes for the 'Identity Theft' video!

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