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A new album, a new website... it's all go here at Magnus Mansions!

Yes, the wheels of creativity are turning once more - a new album, called 'Children Of Another God', is in production, and hurtling towards to completion.  Well, perhaps hurtling is a slight exaggeration - but it is well on its way.  There are guest spots from some familiar faces - Steve and John Hackett, Pete Hicks and Tony Patterson, as well as some new faces - Glenn Tollett (ex-The Enid), Linda John-Pierre and Andy Neve.  

There are some surprise goodies in store too...  get the popcorn ready, there will be videos!  I've been working with the album's lyricist Dick Foster on the video promos.  One is already complete, another is in the final editing stages and a third one is in pre-production.  This is quite a departure from thinking solely about the musical aspects - it's an enjoyable challenge to create visuals that complement the music.  And this is where Dick's superb talents, hard work and tireless enthusiasm come to the fore.  I think the results he's achieved certainly belie the tightness of our budget!  It's also been a fun challenge making props, choosing (and sometimes having to make) the costumes, doing lighting design, applying makeup (do I hear the roar of greasepaint?) And the catering - don't forget the catering!

So, where can these videos be found - and when?  The plan is to put them up one by one on YouTube over a period of time close to the album's release date.  They'll be interspersed with the occasional video blog or two - little bits of behind-the-scenes silliness to link it all together.  The videos will also be embedded within these pages, so you can watch them right here from this site.

So, keep coming back here from time to time for further news and updates!

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